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How to Build a Sex Room (Netflix) – Review

Have you seen the new series, How to Build a Sex Room, on Netflix? The show follows 11 couples and a single woman as interior designer Melanie Rose comes in to help spice up their sex lives with rooms filled with specialty furniture and other décor designed to fulfill fantasies and fetishes. If you haven’t seen the show yet, please note that a few spoilers lie ahead. Check out the preview here.

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A sex room, also referred to as a dark room or fantasy room, is a dedicated space for individuals, couples, and other types of intimate partners to explore their physical, emotional, and spiritual connection often through erotic play. Many think of dark, dungeon-like basements filled with various instruments of torture; however, a sex room can be a much softer and more romantic journey that doesn’t have to involve much kink at all.

Throughout the series, Melanie Rose, also known as the ‘Mary Poppins of Eroticism’, helps several clients transform their chosen spaces into safe havens where they can feel sexy and uninhibited. Each episode begins with an introduction and consultation with the clients to determine their unique fantasies, fetishes, and boundaries. Melanie Rose then both educates the clients about ways to tap into their innermost sexual desires and renovates their homes to reflect these wishes.

In episode 1, we meet Taylor and Ajay who ask designer Melanie Rose to spice things up with a rock ‘n’ roll sex basement. In the next episode, Melanie creates a sensual, swank and sexy suite to help couple Raj and Ryan communicate with blindfolds then Hannah and Wesley’s basement becomes a sexy spot for shower sex.

Episode 3 follows Orlando and Matthew who want a masculine room with a view to maintain the chemistry in their long-distance romance. The black and white shots from their sexy photoshoot are red hot! We also meet Shenika and Matthew who need to bring their sexy back after having kids. What parent can’t relate to this plight?

The series continues with a swanky dungeon to fit Lester and Soriya’s polyamorous family where Melanie adds special touches to incorporate each partner’s needs. We next meet Meaghan and Dave who seek five-star spa vibes for their intimate escape while Melanie pushes the couple to explore new levels of kink. Queer performers Bettie and Brody get a backstage boudoir and first-time homeowners, Ouima and Jesse, ask Melanie for a seductive cabaret lounge complete with a stripper pole.

Next we are introduced to frisky high school sweethearts Tricia and Gary who have a freaky farm fetish. Episode 8 features nomadic artists Heather and Sara whose van gets a sexy satin and sex swing upgrade. Finally, stand-up comedian Lisa gets a secret garden where she can get her groove back as a newly single woman.

How to Build a Sex Room is one of the most entertaining and enlightening reality tv series currently streaming. It provides a gentle, nonthreatening introduction into the world of kink and alternative sexual lifestyles in a familiar reality-style makeover format making it easily digestible for the average viewer. We give the series a 9/10 for content originality and delivery.

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Experimenting in the Bedroom

Bored Woman in Bedroom

Are you bored with your sex life? If you are, you may want to spice things up a bit in the bedroom. A great way to do so is to try new thing. Experimenting in the bedroom often brings new life to a relationship. It can also allow couples to reach new levels of pleasure.

When it comes to experimenting, many individuals and their minds automatically wander. It is important to remember that bedroom experimenting comes in a number of different formats. It doesn’t have to involve something that would be embarrassing if it leaked out and it doesn’t have to involve bringing in a third person. Experimenting in the bedroom can honestly mean something as simple as trying a new position.

Although many individuals, like you, want to experiment in the bedroom, many are afraid to approach their partner about doing so. Why? Because there is a certain level of fear associated with doing so. What if your partner thinks that they don’t please or satisfy you enough in the bedroom? What if your partner thinks that the sex is just fine the way it is? What if your sex partner thinks that you have a sick mind? These are all concerns that you may have, but you shouldn’t let that stop you.

If you do decide to approach the subject of experimenting in the bedroom with your partner, you will want to be gentle with your approach. Your partner may automatically believe that he or she isn’t pleasing enough for you. Although this may not be what you mean, it is still a likely and natural assumption. If your partner asks you, be sure to calm their fears. Let them know that you think that experimenting in the bedroom could not only increase your pleasure and satisfaction, but theirs as well. This approach tends to work nicely.

As it was previously stated, when many individuals hear the phrase “experimenting in the bedroom,” their minds often wanders to embarrassing and sometimes humiliating experiences. If you are just looking to try a new sex position, introduce pleasure enhancing sex toys, or romantic movies, be sure to let your partner know immediately. Do not give him or her the opportunity to even think that you mean something different. Doing so can change the way that your partner looks at you, both inside and outside of the bedroom.

In addition to letting your partner know what changes you would like to make in the bedroom, give them the opportunity to express their wants, needs, and desires. This is a simple, yet important step to take. First, it is important to remember that intimacy should involve two people receiving maximum pleasure, not just one. Next, it will help bring reassurance to your partner that you are not just looking to increase your pleasure. Asking what your partner’s wants and needs are in the bedroom will go to show that you want to improve the overall experience, not just yours.

Despite the fact that experimenting in the bedroom may sometimes be a difficult subject to approach, it is one that you will want to talk about. A healthy sex life is an important component of any relationship and marriage. By approaching the subject carefully, you and your partner can soon be having wild, yet pleasurable sex in no time at all.

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Sex Toys for Women

woman in black bikini sitting on brown sand

The general major obstacle is that men expect and fear that some sort of catastrophe may befall upon them in case they come home one day, go to their partner and say: “Honey, I’m home. And guess what I’ve picked up on the way back?” and then, without warning, inelegantly, the man opens up his surprise shopping bag and precipitously places in front of her eyes – all of a sudden grown bigger – one of those terrific, 7. 5 inches long realistic vibrators, batteries included. Well, the foreseen catastrophe is very likely to occur – if you like percentages, it is in the range of 90% of the cases that some sort of disaster should ensue – if this is the single method you have pictured as appropriate to introduce to her your newly acquired sex friends, in the shape of sex toys for women and for you.

For one thing, you do not want to see her eyes grown bigger with speechless amazement. There’s one thing to see her eyes widen with pleasure, and there’s a completely different situation when one of the realistic dildos you have imagined as just what the doctor ordered is reason of shock for her. Therefore, the best manner to handle your desire of seeing your partner feel comfortable with receiving and then using some sex toys for women is to have a talk prior to your going online and ordering them for her. So here are some facts to help you gather some courage necessary to talk to her about a subject of this sort.

Here’s a good starting point: did you know that according to an impressive number of surveys women who are already involved in a relationship are more open than single ones to the idea of using vibrators and other sex toys so as to get the best out of their sex life? In fact, not only are they more open to the idea, they are actually putting it in practice more often then those unmarried or uninvolved in a stable relationship. Sex toys are often perceived – by men and women alike – as a reliable manner of actually broadening the horizons of the already beaten path of sexual experiences. Subsequently, before making a gift out of the available realistic dildos, glass dildos, anal beads, bullets or any other sex toys talk openly to her or at least give her a hint, a hint generous enough for her to understand that it has crossed your mind to acquire some sex toys for her.

Then, when you have settled to buy sex toys for women, invite her to join you in your search, especially if she is a novice in the field. Moreover, remember her that you do not think that your sex life is on a downturn. Make it as specific as possible. On the other hand, if there are negative aspects in your sexual practices of which you and her are both aware, you may try to present the toys as a potential, reliable means of repairing some idle facets in your relationship. Realistic dildos may come as her first choice; for a beginner, realistic vibrators, i.e. looking like the real thing, are more easy to become accustomed to simply because they are generally designed to accurately represent a penis. There are even testicle details added to the penis-like shape of such realistic dildos. A plus point is given that the range of realistic dildos is remarkably wide, so she will surely find the one to suit her.

Women use realistic dildos for penetration; however, most of them also use them for stimulating the areas around or on their clitoris. So do not be surprised if your partner chooses a product like the clitterific flex: not only does it stimulate the vagina on the inside, but it also “assists” the woman on the path toward untried before clitoral orgasms. Therefore, your partner has finally unleashed her desires and is enjoying the benefits of her choice; in the meantime, watching her get the right vibes is surely a sight to arouse you. After she has been intensely stimulated by her toy, your penetration is expected with increased enthusiasm. In the end, both she and you will appreciate the significance that the sex toys for women has in the improvement of your regular sexual intercourse, even if they remain within the boundaries of the real-like thing; the true-to-life feeling remains in the appearance of the vibrators, because otherwise they definitely move more swiftly and steadier than fingers, hands, penis, tongue and other parts of your body you use in order to stimulate your partner sexually, so as to arouse either clitoral orgasms or inside-vagina unique sensations.

Consequently, discomfort should not accompany you when you decide to surprise your partner with a more unusual gift. The fact should only embarrass you as long as you prove really clumsy in presenting her with your gift. If prior conversations on the topic have been concluded favorably for the acquisition of sex toys and if you have noticed that your partner has a preference for a certain type of toys, then you know what to do. After you purchase the toy(s), all you have to do is to find the nicest way to gift wrap it (them) and maybe attach to the wrap up a suggestive, sexy invitation. Maybe even present them in the form of a dedicated sensual playroom. If everything is done appropriately, your gift will be received with words and giggles of satisfaction.

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Spice Up Intimacy – Healthy Sex Life for Parents

ways parents can spice up intimacy

Are you married? If you are, are you also a parent? If you are married and a parent, how is your sex life? Depending on the age of your children and the size of your family, it might not be great. Many parents wish that they had a better level of intimacy with their partner and on more occasions. If you are one of those individuals, there are a number of steps that you will want to take to spice up intimacy.

When it comes to intimacy in a relationship, it is important to remember that more than the bedroom and sex is and should be involved. Does your intimacy only get started when you climb into bed? If so, there may lay the problem.

If you are a parent, you will want to consider using the service of a babysitter. This will enable you and your spouse to get out of the house and enjoy time alone. In fact, you can even have a “real,” date. Go to dinner and a movie with your spouse. Unfortunately, many married couples find themselves entering into a comfort zone that results in their relationship feeling more like a friendship than a marriage. Do not let your relationship get to this point. Dating is a nice and easy way to prevent that from happening.

In addition to hiring a babysitter, rely on a trusted friend or family member. What is nice about taking this approach is the comfort level. Instead of picking a babysitter out of a phone book, you are entrusting the care of your children into someone that you know and trust. This alone can result in you having a better time on a date. You may also feel more comfortable leaving your children with a trusted friend or relative overnight, as opposed to an unknown babysitter. What does this mean? It means that in addition to enjoying a traditional date, you may also enjoy a nice, sexual night of privacy, possibly at a nice hotel.

In keeping with childcare that will allow you and your spouse to spend some romantic, intimate, and quality time together, consider approaching other parents. Do you know the parents of your children’s friends? If you do, consider making a monthly arrangement with them. Let them keep your kids for one night and you can do the same for them. This approach is nice, as you are likely to feel comfortable living your children in the care of another parent. Also, remember that all parents find it difficult to seek privacy and intimacy. You may be doing the other set of parents a huge favor.

As important as dating is and can be to your relationship, be realistic. Not every night can be a date night. With that said, there are still ways that you can be romantic and intimate with your spouse at home. For example, sneak in a few hugs and kisses here and here. When your wife is cooking dinner, walk up to her, rub her back, and plant a kiss on her. When your husband is walking past you, stop him and give him a quick kiss. A simple kiss is enough to show your partner that you care and want to be intimate with him, without making your children, who may be watching, feel uncomfortable or out of place.

Date nights are a perfect way to spice up intimacy!

Another unique and creative way to keep the romance and intimacy alive when you may be unable to have sex or go on a date is the use of text messages. Do you and your spouse have and use cell phones? If you do, send them a sexy and seductive text message. Let them know that you can’t wait until they arrive home. Even if your partner is sitting across the room from them, send them a quick message. If you do not own or use a cell phone, know that a handwritten love note can be just as effective.

Also, avoid allowing the notion of a family bed. Creating a dedicated space for sexual play may be just what the doctor ordered to spice up intimacy. Think about fun ways to connect and explore with your partner. Build a sex room that speaks to your collective needs and fantasies. This could be your actual bedroom, guest room, den, basement, or other area you choose. Make sure that the space is off limits and even locked to prevent kids and other unwanted guests from discovering your playroom.

As you can see, there are a number of ways that you, as parents, can still have a happy and healthy sex life. Implement a few of these steps to help keep your relationship and its romance alive and well.